Problems updating avg edition carbon dating explanation for kids

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When I go to the "This PC" tab it takes about a minute to show my drives and folders.And the worst thing is that the audio no longer works, it just has a red cross over the speaker icon like when it is muted, when I click on it the troubleshooter opens and says that "One or more audio service isn't running", I have gone into and when I try to start the audio service it fails to do so.

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Hi I recently did a few critical windows updates and ever since my computer has been acting very weirdly/slow.

If you still have alot of space left on your hardrive I would uninstall Avg 8.0 and reinstall it and see if it works.

With Regards, Extremeboy Hi, How much free space do you even have left on your computer?

I have tried doing a system restore to a point of a few days ago but after the restart it says that the restore failed and that my C:/ drive may be corrupted (I don't think that it is, I still have all my files and folders and can access it easily).

I have tried to do a windows 8 repair from the disc but when I enter my product key the program becomes unresponsive.

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