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Even people who only occasionally consume cannabis may not fully grasp the importance of a marijuana-themed dating site, but for those of us living in the midst of cannabis culture, this is important. It is more than a hobby or a simple activity through which to bond.

Cannabis support is almost as important as a good personality and a compassionate heart. For cannabis enthusiasts, marijuana is a way of life.

But fertility problems are not the only danger of smoking marijuana.

The drug can increase the heart rate and affect blood pressure - while increasing the risk of a pregnant woman's baby being born smaller than expected.

The 28-year-old founder from California told the Marin Independent Journal he created the site to find his ideal partner.

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Either way, you will be adding to the selection while searching for a real partner with similar hobbies or interests or weed preferences close to you.Cannabis - which is the most widely-used illegal drug in Britain - tends to leave users feeling chilled out and relaxed.But now researchers have revealed that it has the same effect on sperm and regular weed smoking can cut counts of the cells by as much as a third.These apps are perfect for those looking for love, but can be a great way to meet new stoner friends, too.Those looking for a special someone to pass to the left to visit 420

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