Podcast not updating on ipod dating dutch women

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I appreciate these settings, but the Podcasts app does no favors for someone like me who sometimes streams and sometime downloads.Because I'm usually on Wi-Fi, I usually just stream podcast episodes.For me, the app's serviceability makes it all the more maddening. I am battling to stay below my data cap each month, while also attempting to avoid seeing the "Storage almost full" warning on my i Phone.

The podcast link is live on the i Tunes Store shortly after the email is sent.

But when I have a car trip or a long dog walk ahead of me, I will download a few episodes to take with me.

And what makes the Podcasts app for frustrating to me is the egg hunt it forces me to go on in order to find the episodes I've downloaded when I'm on a cellular connection. I searched high and low in the Podcasts app for a simple list of my downloaded episodes, but it offers no such list.

This would be in Feed Burner only if you're using the horrible “Smart Cast” feature.

Otherwise, make the changes where the feed is being generated.

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