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"When it's meant to be things just fall into place.

It's crazy how on the outside it looked like such a big circus yet in our inside world it was so peaceful."One month after Israel broke the news of his divorce, the world learned that he and Adrienne were dating.

The building also accommodates government offices, luxurious living quarters, and, in the dead of winter, sensitive plants that need a bit of succor.While rumors began swirling that Adrienne broke up his marriage, her now husband attempted to protect his future wife from salacious gossip by making a public statement."...I understand that gossip and salacious untrue speculative stories are far more interesting and entertaining than the truth and facts.Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great) (24 January 1712―17 August 1786), a strong supporter of benevolent despotism, built his magnificent rococo palace in a 290-hectare park in Potsdam, just southwest of Berlin, between 1745-1747 as a respite from the official court in Berlin.Its very name comes from the French phrase sans souci, which means “without a care” and “carefree,” i.e., “sorgenfrei” and “unbeschwert.” It’s important to know that rococo was an 18th-century art movement that emphasized lissome, clever, and witty ornamentality, and is more or less the antithesis of and a reaction to baroque. Should I die in time of war or whilst on a journey, I should be buried in the first convenient place and brought to Sanssouci in the winter.” It took a long, long time―205 years―for people and events to honor his wishes.

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