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Traditionally female, muses have been the source of many artistic inspirations and great works of art, due to their beauty, character, or some other mysterious quality.Problem is, these collaborations can become murky as conflicting goals, crossed boundaries, and trust issues seep into what was “a good thing.” How can working with a muse revolutionize your work? For many photographers, there is an excitement, and dare I say relief, when we shoot with a subject that personifies our creative vision and enriches our work.We hope you will visit our new studio in downtown Wheaton and be inspired to create some art, sip your favorite beverage, have a lot of fun, and enjoy the company of others. Having your own muse, a person on call who is willing and able to bring your creative ideas to life, is a gift.In some cases, the turmoil and forbiddance of the relationship can be the attraction for those involved. I will leave that for you to decide, but please consider your motives before chasing someone.Being wanted or wanting another person can begin in the professional space but easily slip into the personal; that seductive glance into your lens turns into a deeper form of emotional entanglement. What many forget about creating art is that it is often a lonely process of self-doubt, dry spells, and frustrating experimentations.We need all kinds of support if we are to survive as creatives.Desiring a companion to share in this journey, to lift us from these valleys is an understandable response.

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This problem can also be reversed when the model or subject sees themselves as a co-creator of an image and claims ownership of the work.The best examples of these artist-muse relationships are made possible if they are truly collaborative, where the model is just as much the artistic contributor as the photographer is.Both parties value what the other brings, and both appreciate the uniqueness and quality of the work they produce.I have worked with some models so often, barely any words need to be shared to create something fantastic.Our repeated sessions together means every idea after can be more ambitious or experimental — which is not always possible with new subjects.

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