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If you're interested in attending any of these events you have to act fast as many of them were already sold out.

Overall the site seems to have an active,highly legitimate membership base.

It's a great idea that could be used more, not just for no strings hook ups, but for all areas of online dating.

In terms of payment, some functionality is limited until you upgrade, which was to be expected.

64% of non-swinging married couples), and the average age at which men and women start swinging is 35.2 and 31.4, respectively.

The study I’m referencing was conducted in 2000 by Dr.

Curtis Bergstrand (an Associate Professor of Sociology at Bellarmine University) and Jennifer Blevins Williams (who is also within the same department) and was reported by The Swing Scene.

Research like this shows it’s a popular lifestyle and there’s a need for dating websites for swingers, specifically.

You also have to verify you're email, to prove you are who you claim to be.

Swinger communities all over the globe are moving online to enable their members to arrange swinging meets easier.

SDC are one of the largest sites helping members to meet couples online, but how do they compare with the other swinger dating options out there? (short for Swingers Date Club) provides a place for swingers to meet online in several different countries across Europe and the USA, with localised sites in many languages.

Swingers Date Club is one of the very top meeting sites for swingers.

The site offers plenty of good resources for meeting local swingers.

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