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Although they may not hold a permit, there are permit provisions relating to minors.

Institutions of higher learning can obtain a permit to sell beer and wine in buildings they control.

Further, the motor vehicles commissioner must suspend for up to 150 days the driver’s license of a minor convicted of violating these laws.

Finally, the motor vehicles commissioner must suspend, for two months, the license of a minor who possesses a false or altered license. It establishes penalties for sellers who do so, but also creates incentives to encourage sellers to check age identification.

The statement must be kept on file in the permit premises.

In cases in which (1) the age statement form has been obtained, (2) the permittee is subsequently charged with serving a minor, and (3) the permittee introduces the statement in the proceedings and shows that the evidence presented to prove age was such as would convince a reasonable man, then no penalty may be imposed.

The law authorizes anyone who is 21 years old who has a driver’s license with a full-face photograph to use it to prove age when buying liquor.The law states that it may not be construed to prevent any action from being taken under the laws authorizing DCP to enforce the Liquor Control Act by revoking or suspending liquor permits for cause (CGS 30-55) or prohibiting sales to minors (CGS 30-86) when the minor is participating in an official investigation or enforcement activity.The law subjects a permittee or his agent who sells or gives liquor to a minor to the general criminal penalty for violating the Liquor Control Act.The law exempts a minor who (1) is an employee of a premises with a liquor permit acting in the course of his employment; (2) possesses liquor on the orders of his doctor; or (3) possesses liquor while in the company of his parent, guardian, or spouse who is at least 21 years old.The law requires the motor vehicles commissioner to suspend, for up to 150 days, the driver’s license, motorcycle license, or nonresident operating privilege of anyone under 21 years old who has been convicted of violating the laws prohibiting minors from (1) misusing their license to obtain liquor (CGS 30-88a) or (2) purchasing or possessing liquor (CGS 30-89).

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