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In the film, Miss Malaya looks unco-ordinated and tomboyish.

When she walks, you notice her strange stomping gait and swinging shoulders, the intermittent squint and misshapen teeth.

When she showed her boyfriend what she once was and what she could still do — the barking, the whining, the four-footed running — he took fright.

It was a party trick that went too far and the relationship ended.

Judging from the complete lack of documentation about her physical and psychological state when found, the authorities were not keen to record her case — neglect on this scale was too shameful to acknowledge — even though it has been of huge and continuing interest to psychologists who believe feral children can help resolve the nature-nurture debate. She ate like a dog," is about as scientific as it gets.

What is known about "the Dog Girl" has been passed down orally, through doctors and carers. Last month, British child psychologist Lyn Fry, an expert on feral children, went to Ukraine with a Channel Four film crew to meet Miss Malaya, who now lives in a home for the mentally disabled.

The oddest thing is how little attention she pays to her pet mongrel. "She was much more orientated to people." After a series of cognitive tests, Ms Fry concluded that Miss Malaya had the mental capacity of a six-year-old and a dangerously low boredom threshold. Experts agree that unless a child learns to speak by the age of five, the brain misses its chance to acquire language, a defining characteristic of being human.

Miss Malaya was able to learn to talk again because she had some childish speech before she was abandoned.

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"I'd heard stories that she could fly off the handle, that she was very unco-operative, that she was socially inept, but she did everything I asked of her. Showing off is quite a surprising skill when you consider her background.When you leave behind a two-year-old – especially from an unlucky relationship – it’s very hard.“I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but we both came from relationships where we suffered, so we wanted to be friends from the start,” she says of the man who is now her husband.SHE bounds along on all fours through long grass, panting with her tongue hanging out.But she’s also reaching out to her fan base online: her Facebook page has over 3,000 followers and her You Tube channel has been viewed more than 45 thousand times.“The emotion that I see when I perform at these parties makes me go forward,” she says.“When I sing a song and they receive the message through the song and it makes them happy or makes their day or makes their party special, it is unforgettable.”She first migrated to Ireland to escape a troubled relationship with the father of her two-year-old son, Alex.

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