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Now, unless you’ve been living in a Nepalese nunnery, you are probably already aware of the proliferation of dating services accessible by telephone, on the internet, and through various print media.

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Even if the initial contact is online or otherwise sanslive canine, you still have an instant, mutually engaging, and virtually inexhaustible topic of conversation—dogs!Part of the proceeds from each event goes to help a local animal organization in need.Some of the more hip and innovative dog supply stores also host social events for dogs and their owners.A person seeking to find a suitable playmate for a diminutive Chihuahua versus a rough-and-tumble Malamute might very well discover that the kind of person who would own a similar type of dog has a good chance of having a lifestyle compatible with their own. Singles With, and soon-to-be-up-and-running ” Though the book shows how useful a dog can be in the romance department, Wood emphasizes that you shouldn’t get a dog just because you want a date, pointing out that there are cheaper ways to achieve that goal.Date My also has a number of fun features such as “cutie ratings” for pet photos, as well as listings of upcoming events geared toward singles and pet lovers in various areas. “In the book I mention a number of things that are less expensive than owning a dog for fourteen years, such as going to Harvard for eight months, getting a Tiffany diamond necklace for a woman, getting a Rolex watch for a man, renting a yacht and having a big party, or having plastic surgery,” she says.

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