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Includes leather pouch, paperwork and original box.

The condition is sound mechanically with poor finish.

The name "Meisselbach" was used without permission. Mark IV Imported by Continental Arms Corp w/ 2 extra spools, spool of 25 lb.

(Meisselbach) This reel has no connection to the Meisselbach reel company and was not made by them.

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Wide spool, diameter 3 3/4 inches, weighing 9.9 oz.

St George MK 2, 3 3/4 inch diameter Line weight 7/8/9.

Includes blue vinyl pouch, cardboard box and paperwork. This reel has never had line spooled or mounted on a rod.

USA, who assisted us with identifying and describing this interesting reel.

The only way this reel can be properly fished is mounted on top of a rod instead of the down position. This reel was examined by John Shaner, with Hardy Bros.

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