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In all these cases, however, conversion was dictated by democratically deficient governments bucking the will of the people. actually came at the start of the 20th century, Alexander Graham Bell, and other notables testified at congressional hearings on metric conversion.

The 1880s imposition of the metric system in Brazil led to a full-scale uprising that lasted months. The head of the new Bureau of Standards put forth the metric system as a vital national interest.

But charges of elitism and wasting money came from a public that increasingly believed the U. should be the leader in global affairs and not just another follower.

Politics and economics have been the real incentives to go metric.

They discovered some startling statistics when calculating marriage by race.

They found that African Americans age 35 and older were more likely to be married than White Americans from 1890 until sometime around the 1960s.

Lame bars and restaurants (or bars and restaurants), few available single people, and/or crummy entertainment options can make it tough to hit it off with potential dates in your town.

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Most of the rest of the world adopted the measures in order not to fall behind in the global economy.John Quincy Adams, for his part, couldn’t recommend that the United States adopt a measurement system that nearly vanished after the demise of the French Empire. A new wave of revolutions in the 1830s would see France and Belgium re-adopt the system, while the second half of the 19th century would see it become a truly international system. Italy and Germany were unified out of dozens of statelets, duchies, and principalities, and a neutral system of measurement helped soothe parochial jealousies.Decolonization in Eastern Europe and South America created new nations keen to adopt modernity and standards that would align them with Western Europe.If your dating life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be, good news: It might not be you.The reason for a bleak dating experience might actually be because you’re living in the wrong city.

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