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And though Janet Jackson was never known for being extraordinarily provocative in the fashion department before, she was known for embodying strength and sensuality.

No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch everyday. That's what she went through."Twenty years ago, Janet Jackson made her desires clear, when the theme of what she was striving for, creatively, was "a woman who finally feels good enough about her sexuality, to demand a man's respect." She told , "It's insulting to be seen as some object; he must call her by name. Eissa is adorable and Janet looked great," a source told .

It's not a brazen demand—I didn't want to be obnoxious—but I wanted to be clear. "Happy and in great shape."More recently, though she's hardly ready to begin dating again, we hear that she's open to what fate may bring on the romantic front.

Two nights later, in Houston, she dissolved into sobs after singing "What About," which is about domestic violence.

After giving herself over to her emotions for a few minutes, she collected herself and declared, "This is me."Cue the thunderous approval.

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