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Almost half a million people arrived,” said Lieby of UNICEF.

“We are now working hard to scale-up and meet the needs of refugee children. want to change the stigma that comes with rape.” Even with counseling services available, many girls still opt not to report that they have been raped, said aid workers in the camp.

“I felt the pain when he penetrated me and all I could think about was my lost virginity. I am an outcast now and will never find a husband,” said the teenager, a Rohingya Muslim.

Her home was torched in the attack in Kawarbil village six weeks ago by Myanmar army soldiers, she said, and she and her sister fled with other villagers across the border to Bangladesh.

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“I don’t have enough clothes to fully cover, but it’s what I want to do now,” she said, nervously fidgeting with the embroidered black dress she had borrowed from a neighbor.Perceptively, the author notes the ambiguity around perpetrators: “Exactly which forces were driving the violence never became clear.” By 2013, ethnoracial Buddhist nationalism had hugely empowered the politically and socially influential Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion (known by its Burmese acronym, is well-timed to inform debates about Myanmar’s most violent crisis of the last 25 years, but it founders on factual misreadings of history.Most importantly, the overall narrative is inaccurate; Myanmar’s military did not promote Buddhism as its nation-building tool until after a democratic uprising in 1988.Just minutes before, Adjida had watched her parents being shot dead from her hiding place under a wooden table in a village in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine.She tried to run into the surrounding jungle, but was captured by a soldier.

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