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At first I ignored his attempt but by his second or third attempt I gave in and we both apologised to each other.

We still occasionally message each other on Whats App.

I hated the first half of the challenge because I was playing with the emotions of guys who hadn’t done anything to me.

I felt better on dates with the ones who knew about my challenge and felt freer with them.

One of the great things about my ‘single journey’ (for want of a less patronising phrase) was that I had come to a point where I really loved being single.

My dating year is about my year long journey of finding the perfect guy for me.

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When I first started dating the Rugby Boy, I can remember genuinely trying to decide if I wanted to stay single or not.

From January to November I had logged more than 75,000 miles in …

He didn’t handle it very well and after sending me a couple of messages, he deleted me as a contact on bbm and bad mouthed me to my friend.

He eventually got over it and tried to get back in touch.

As for Ricardo after our second date I told him on Blackberry messenger (bbm) that I didn’t want us to see each other anymore.

He tried to call me a number of times to talk about it but I didn’t answer any of his calls because I felt so bad and I didn’t think there was anything more to talk about.

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