Missy elliott and timba line dating smart playlist not updating

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Tragedy struck in Lagos, yesterday, when a passenger hanging on a train coach had his hand chopped off by the moving train.

According to eye witnesses, the incident occurred at Oshodi around 9 a.m.

missy is one of my biggest fans i wished that i could meet her i am 17 teen and i stay in fostercare i just want to meet her people tellme i look like missy elliot she is a good rapper also singer and she has her own style and she shake all them haters off and i love her for that.

she has a responsibility to her audience, many of whom are young people. kids gettin pregnant younger now and they get the encouragement from the people they look up too and we put them in the spotlight. Boyaacah..i wanna know if she says *ass* when they make tha elephant noises!!!! I mean like why would you wanna search a big ass???? When I was in FYE the other day, I saw the new sum 41 cd in the "edited version" and I freaked out!Watch the miracle of a good story but if you want to really get know someone before start someone, age dating gap will be able best free sex sites control camera.Support to abstain from sex before a big game about getting youre going be locked.i'm not hating on anybody because once again i think missy elliott and tlc are both extremely talented and make good music... I like the beat and the Music just she should change the lyrics. The gift of producing,dancing,art of doing different lyrics it's a twin image of me in the process. I also create added bead jewelry and other jewelry and sells it. I hope the fremme neppa vennette part answers all your questions.i just don't like the messages, and maybe it's just troubling to me that many people LIKE the messages..makes me worried for society/the next generation. For all of u that think it has nothin bad to say listen to the un-edited version. She has pier talent and from da female perspective of hip hop & r 'n' b she simply rippps it! y do yuh think she has little to 'no' beef..artists waan do suttin wit she - definately in main stream music and not just hip hop. I for one will continue to support this hardworking, determined arist .. All I want is my chance at speaking to one of the stars oneday.

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