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Traven had previously competed in the UFC (at UFC 11) and was the 1999 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship open class champion.

Mir defeated Traven by armbar at of round one, earning "Tapout of the Night" in the process.

At the end of the bout, Mir walked to the cameras pointing at himself saying "I'm back! Frank's wife Jennifer was shown on the replay screaming and crying with joy when Frank secured the kimura and the fight was stopped.

On February 2, 2008, at UFC 81, Mir welcomed former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar to the octagon for Lesnar's highly anticipated debut.

Lesnar continued to land punches on Mir and shucked off Mir's armbar attempt before moving to a stacked guard.

He formerly competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for sixteen years.The fighters were ordered to stand up, and Mir was given a brief recovery period.As the fight resumed, Mir was almost instantly dropped with a big punch from Lesnar.Despite several leglock attempts by Mir, Freeman achieved side control four minutes into the first round and landed numerous punches and elbows to Mir's head. After Freeman separated, the referee signaled to Mir to stand back up and stopped the fight after Mir struggled to do so.Mir then faced Tank Abbott at UFC 41 on February 28, 2003.

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