Microsoft and outlook and updating increases

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I have searched the web and spend hours trying to figure out this strange behaviour of Outlook 2010, My client has this problem with her Outlook 2010 since yesterday, the mails download but do not appear anywhere in Outlook 2010.The download bar shows mails are downloading, mails are then removed from the server, but no where to be found in Outlook.The first hotfix addresses several issues, including issues with retention policies and the following problems: When saving a new message using File, Save as, a copy is also saved in the Outbox.When you use an IMAP account and receive a task request, you are unable to preview it in the Reading Pane and receive an error message " For a complete list of problems fixed and to download the hotfix, see Hotfix KB2883007 for Outlook 2010 July 8, 2014 (Outlook-x-none.msp) The next hotfix addresses an issue with IMAP accounts in Outlook 2010.This update includes a number of fixes, including issues with EAS ( sending multiple meeting updates after editing an exception to a meeting series.IMAP issues addressed: The read / unread state doesn't update on other computers running Outlook.Outlook 2010 released three hotfixes on February 12 2013.KB2597090 addresses an issues where Outlook freezes when you try to download an offline address book (OAB) that is outside a firewall.

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Outlook 2010 cannot send the IMAP ID extension information to the IMAP servers that support the ID RFC The second hotfix improves the localization for multiple language versions to make sure that the meaning remains accurate.

Updates released in 2012 | Updates released in 2011 The following Outlook 2010 issues are fixed in Hotfix KB2899529 for Outlook 2010 November 11, 2014 (Outlook-x-none.msp).

When you open a meeting request in Outlook 2010 and insert an attachment in the response, and then save the message as a draft item, you may receive an error when you try to open the attachment from the draft copy.

(You'll also need the hotfix in KB 2596501.) Description of the Outlook 2010 hotfix package (Oart-x-none.msp): July 10, 2013 Note: KB 2817549 replaces the June hotfix (KB 2760782) that was withdrawn shortly after release.

A complete list of all Office updates in the July 2013 release can be found at Description of the Office updates: July 9, 2013. The Outlook 2010 hotfix in KB2817371 addresses the following issues: Description of the Outlook 2010 hotfix package (Outlook-x-none.msp): April 9, 2013 Note: you must have Office 2010 SP 1 installed.

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