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He then said he'd use what he learned to save other lives even though he couldn't save Neil.

("Sins of the Father") When Colin Bowman's arm had to be amputated, Gabriel sent him to Sweden to have a bolt implanted that allowed him to get an electronic arm that gave him use similar to his own natural arm.

When an infection developed, Gabriel ignore Pete's recommendation to remove the bolt and tried a drug protocol to treat it.

When Colin developed neurotoxicity as a result, Gabriel lowered the dosage.

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This play contains so many energetic and enjoyable moments that it makes this rarely produced show worth catching.He had dinner with Naomi in order to convince her that the work was important and should be accelerated.After finding out from Pete that William had ALS and that's why he was pushing Gabriel's research forward, because he needed it personally. Fife was hired behind Naomi Bennett's back by William White as a cutting edge genetic specialist who targeted experimental and risky procedures.His first case at Pacific Wellcare Center was with Naomi. They wanted a dwarf baby and wanted to use selective IVF to get one.

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