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Still, he should begin integrating you into his life within the first few months of dating. I totally agree with this article i tak to a lotof mn on chat line internet and very few men talkto me on the phone.

If not, it's a sign that this guy's into getting physical... Mind there are a few who do text/phone and they do wat sex, so i only plan tomet the phone ones.

Yes, Nigerian scam artists, like the ones who send you emails purporting to be from an African prince who will pay you to help him move million into your country, and all you have to do is give him your bank account number.

I told Michael I wanted to interview his scammer friends. But I figured I’d be doing a public service by distracting the scammers from conning old folks for a couple hours.

" Sure, a little impatient enthusiasm is flattering, but if he's truly into you, he'll make plans in advance.

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"He may also be sexually attracted to you and want to have sex with you," says Kirshenbaum, "but other things will have equal weight, such as having conversations with you about topics that you care about and interests you share."He's pushy about getting physical Some guys will say just about anything to get a woman to have sex with him. "We'll just cuddle.""You're just so sexy that I can't help myself.""My underwear is chafing me."For the record: We hate just cuddling, we can help ourselves, and our underwear was fitting us just fine this morning.As sweet as that may seem, his motives are likely not so romantic.A quality guy will put thought and effort into each of your dates -- but a guy who just wants sex will make the weekly Olive Garden dinner a preamble to taking you back to his place (which just happens to be around the corner).He only communicates via text messages or emails We all know that guys hate talking on the phone, but if you're never hearing the sound of his voice, that could spell trouble."If I have hung out with a girl a few times and I'm still texting or emailing her, it's just about sex for me," says Jake, 28.

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