Martin dating by serial number

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Oct 1930 to present: flat top model number stamped inside on neck block around serial number rant 439xx to 44362 (exact serial number change unknown).

Though some models have been seen after this number with scalloped braces, and before this number with tapered braces. Bourgeois was asked to sit in on the interview, and in the last two paragraphs of his recollections especially interesting: "One footnote that I do remember distinctly is that Mr. bought a large supply of Engelmann spruce in the form of government surplus of building material.But it at least suggests how the story might have gotten started.1958 Style D28 gets Grover rotomatic tuners 1964 (summer) - It's generally accepted that hide glue was replaced with aliphatic resin (titebond) after the move to the new Martin facility.Happens sometime after serial number 439xx and before or at 44362.1932 Some 17 series models transition to 14 frets clear of body & non slothead.

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