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Here I am connected from the website to my mobile that’s streaming live video to Qik in the other room.As you can see, chat is underneath the video stream on the site, and the chat comments show up under your picture on the phone. On the other hand, it would be better to just set up your phone as a video/audio stream, and then use a second laptop to view the video stream of the person you’re chatting with.

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Paltalk Mobile is a high-quality IM app that runs fast on the mobile and includes a small video chat icon next to all of your online friends that have a Paltalk Mobile account.

The truth is, Qik was not only one of the best video streaming apps back then, but it’s also a really cool way to have a video chat with family or friends when you’re on the road.

The will let you stream live video to the web instantly, but the app also includes a “Video Chat” option that you can use when you just want to stream privately to people and chat with them.

The tradeoff for that speed is that your transmitted video as seen on the desktop PC isn’t quite as high-resolution as a desktop webcam would be.

With that said, the stream runs fast, chatting is really easy and fun, and includes a highly-functional text chat if that’s what you prefer.

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