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The second, he said, was about a girl who played truth or dare and then willingly had sex.The girl in the story was "nervous" at first," Meyerhofer said, but excited by the end.The jurors unanimously agreed last week that Wood was guilty of first-degree murder. The jurors had listened to six days of emotional testimony, read Wood's handwritten stories about having sex with girls, and looked at pictures of Hailey's lifeless body stuffed in a plastic bin."It’s something that you're going to carry to your death," said Andy Meyerhofer, the foreman of the jury."The images are seared into your mind.”Meyerhofer described Monday's jury deliberations to the News-Leader.Then came the hard part: A secret poll about whether Wood should be put to death.According to Meyerhofer, eight jurors voted for the death penalty, one for life in prison and three were undecided.

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For a jury to sentence someone to death for murder, it must find there was at least one "aggravating factor" as outlined in state law.

At that point, he still had very few details about the case and said he was ready to do his civic duty.

Then came the horrific photos."(By the end of the trial), you've seen the body of a 10-year-old girl that's been shot in the head, sprayed with water that likely contained dog feces, put into a box after she's been raped and sodomized," Meyerhofer said.

Jurors were passionate as they argued their opinion, Meyerhofer said, but always respectful.

At times, he said, pauses were taken so jurors could cool down.“A significant amount of time was then spent on discussing — 'moral compass,' I think is the phrase that comes to mind,” Meyerhofer said.

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