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Blow flies possess rapid temporal visual discrimination; the flicker fusion threshold (the frequency at which blinking lights are perceived to be constant [], enabling these flies to resolve extremely fast or brief visual stimuli.This ability has been interpreted as an adaptation to support the flies’ advanced flight and collision-avoidance capabilities [ males distinguish between the rates of light flashes reflected off the moving wings of female and male flies, and are most strongly attracted to flash frequencies characteristic of young females that are prospective mates.The low mating propensity of males on cloudy days, when light flashes from the wings of flying females are absent, seems to indicate that these flies synchronize sexual communication with environmental conditions that optimize the conspicuousness of their communication signals, as predicted by sensory drive theory.], suggesting that females send and males perceive the visual signals or cues.d Mounted LEDs producing pulsed or constant light directed on to the immobilized wings of paired abdomen-mounted flies.

Males did not respond to light pulsed at 290 or 110 Hz in greater numbers than to constant light (Fig. Spheres holding an LED emitting 250-Hz light pulses received twice as many alighting responses by males than did the spheres with an LED emitting constant light (Exp. (MP4 6067 kb) , traversing a plant-covered slope illuminated by direct sunlight.In sub-panels b–f, note the bright sunlight reflected off the right wing in each pair : Figure S1a), one that produced light pulses at 190 Hz approximating the wing flash frequency of a flying female, and the other that produced constant light at the same intensity.Second, we isolated the pulsed-light effects from phenotypic traits of female flies by mounting one live female fly and one live male fly side by side (Fig.Here, we show that the immense processing speed of the flies’ photoreceptors plays a crucial role in mate recognition., under direct light at 15,000 frames per second revealed that wing movements produce a single, reflected light flash per wing beat.

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