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Klingons still sing songs of the Great Tribble Hunt, an attempt to rid the galaxy of their vexing enemy once and for all.

The program has already paid dividends, revealing an alleged Klingon spy operating within the Museum for decades.

Margaret Weitekamp, curator of the Museum’s Social and Cultural Dimensions of Spaceflight collection.

A 24-hour, live tribble cam will monitor the project.

Detractors consider the creatures about as useful as an ermine violin, soft and furry with a pleasing sound but serving no particular purpose.

But while they neither toil nor spin, tribbles have a bright future in sustainable energy, according to STEM in 30 host Beth Wilson.

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The tribble trial utilizes five original specimens of the species anniversary.

The Museum is also completing conservation work on the original 3-meter (11-foot) studio model of the birthday in July.

Tribbles are insatiable eaters, devouring any available foodstuff in amounts seemingly disproportionate to their mass. On their homeworld of Iota Germinorum V, the tribble population is kept in check by numerous tribble-vorous reptiles.

The accused agent, Chief Curator Peter Jakab, denies charges of espionage but became noticeably defensive when asked about his lack of distinctive Klingon forehead ridges.

“We do not discuss it with outsiders,” said the renowned aviation historian and presumed extraterrestrial warrior, likely en route back to Kronos.

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