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One of the all-time greatest grapplers from the lighter-weight classes, Terra's physical stature and less-than-threatening looks don't truly represent his near-scientific levels of submission skill.

Though he normally competes as a roosterweight, Terra has fought in absolute divisions in the past.

His deadly heel hooks are only a part of his submission repertoire, but the surgical-like application of these knee-destroying moves strike fear into grapplers big and small. Light featherweight Mikey Musumeci looks like the kid who used to spend every lunch break in computer class.

He shares the spectacles and the high IQ, but there is one big difference -- this guy has won every major black belt title there is to win, and he is as dangerous as they come.

He'll either rip your foot off in a matter of seconds, or he'll take your back with techniques you've never even seen before.

The fastball rate skyrockets, and you get five out of nine pitches in the strike zone.That being said, I love eggs, but they are initially weird to eat, as most food is when you first eat it.It's super-easy to develop food aversions to new items in your diet if you have bad first experiences. There are eggs in a lot of things, so unless you're being vigilant, they're probably already in your diet. It's easy to throw them into fried rice as suggests.He's also a physical specimen -- check out this video of him doing capoeira.[facebook url="https:// A true gentleman, Bernardo Faria is one of the most approachable, friendly, and downright nicest guys in the business.He's always got a smile on his face, and he's always in a good mood -- when he's not competing, that is… His crushing top pressure and submissions from every angle make this super heavyweight a threat to anyone.

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