Latin women dating black men

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And when he walks on the playground, every one of his classmates gravitates towards him and his new basketball.

It’s almost like they forgot about the kickball or the dodge ball, and the slide is now a thing of the past, it’s time to play basketball. I think a more appropriate point would be that overall interracial hasn’t been an option for much of our history. I believe that Latinas are now accessible to Black men and that leads to the propensity for them to date them.

I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of me or just that as Black men and women mature they want different things.

I remember as a child I would just get so tickled at, “it was dry and straight, now it’s wet and curly!

” I still find this amusing today over 20 years later.

I want to note that since 2010, I really haven’t done any articles about Latinas because I thought it basically just fell on deaf ears. Keep in mind that a lot has changed since then, but a lot hasn’t.

I hope you guys enjoy the post, Are Black Men Obsessed with Latinas?

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