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The fact that she had already gone through two husbands only helped to amplify the image, as did the string of similarly When Humphrey Bogart saw the film, he proclaimed, “Whatever it is, whether you’re born with it, or catch it from a public drinking cup, she’s got it.” (I don’t know about you guys, but maybe I got “it” from going in a nasty Idaho hot tub?) In the wake of The way the public thinks of her goes something like this: “Here’s a girl who, at the age of 23, had already been married and divorced twice, both times for men nobody has ever though of calling Little Lord Fauntleroys. I just had to look that up on and apparently it means “Mad Hottie! I’m so confused.) Gardner insisted that she was staying home, hanging out with Zero Boyfriends, and wearing granny pajamas, and I’m sure the truth was somewhere in between.

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Gardner then started hanging out with Howard Hughes. — but the spark wasn’t there, and she refused his repeated marriage proposals.

According to Gardner, “If I remained silent when we were with friends he would say, ‘Why don’t you talk? ’ But when I tired to say something he would shout, ‘Shut up! It’s one thing to play the clarinet, I mean, I can get over that, so long as you don’t carry it around in a little clarinet purse, but it’s quite another to marry Ava Gardner and then mentally abuse her.

But Gardner did her best to appease Shaw, taking extension classes at UCLA before the huge bastard up and left her for a writer of popular women’s fiction. During this period, MGM continued to ignore her, lending her to Universal for slinking and double-crossing her way through the film in skin-tight gowns. I really don’t understand why we don’t wear asymmetrical dresses at all times.

Gardner was the youngest of eight children, raised in near-poverty in North Carolina, where she acquired a “Pure Tobacco Road South” accent and a predilection for drama.

She was beautiful but without talent, always “picked last” for the school plays the same way that I was “picked last” for every team that didn’t have the word “math” in its title.

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