Kirsten stewart and rob pattinson dating

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Kristen Stewart knows the kind of thoughts people are going to have about her directorial debut.And she’s not especially concerned with them.“I wasn’t fearful in confronting what this was about,” the star said of her new work, a short film titled “Come Swim.” “I mean, I put a relationship right in the middle of it.”Stewart's fame these days comes primarily from two areas: her relationships, which draw the interest of tens of millions of people, and her studiously independent film work, which garners the ticket sales of, well, somewhat fewer.After publicly announcing for the first time that she had a girlfriend this summer, Kristen Stewart has revealed why she decided to open up about her sexuality.“It just seemed important, and topical,” she said of coming out during a recent interview with — spoke about why she chose to begin sharing more details of her love life with fans.” asks a double-question headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry.The webloid asserts the exes “getting back together again will most likely be the biggest entertainment story of the year,” and contends that, “With Robert single again and Kristen declaring that she wants to give guys another try again, many fans can’t help but wonder if the ex-couple are looking to reunite.” The site maintains “it’s pretty obvious that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can’t help but still think about one another,” even though it has zero evidence to back that claim up.

He drinks liquids fervently — from a water bottle, a sink, any source, really — but never manages to slake his thirst.A woman's voice, meanwhile, bangs around his head, saying the same things and triggering his quenching urges. I mean, I put a picture of the [main character's] girlfriend on the wall."Stewart's own breakups, she said, were difficult — deeply, existentially so, ultimately jolting her from the many hours of acting work she took on to forget about them.“These traumatic occurrences, they actually force you to think instead of being caught up in distractions," said Stewart, who in speech uses elliptical enthusiasms and a rapid-fire delivery, as if Wordsworth was roused from the dead and came back as a skater-girl. And the film really began creating itself — it knew exactly what it wanted to be.”Though she didn’t say that had anything to do with the fallout from her breakup with Robert Pattinson — “I don’t want to reduce it to one relationship” — she may not have to.Themes of wetness and dryness run throughout — a man lying at the bottom of the ocean, or crawling parched across an expanse of sand. Vincent, a recent Stewart ex.)Unapologetically awash in symbolism and inscrutable imagery, “Come Swim” could test Stewart's fan base, or at least divide it into two camps: those who devotedly follow her wherever she goes and those who want to see her in a more conventional story (or see her, period). "That’s what I wanted [with this film] — to all of a sudden say 'I realize I have a body and I’m alone and you’re alone and we’re all alone and we’re all together in our loneliness.”"She said the process for the film began with a feeling.“I started with an outline — no dialogue — about someone who knew what they needed but their system couldn’t absorb that. Stewart admitted that she’d been “thinking about [this film] for four years,” a period that basically lines up with her high-profile split from her longtime “Twilight” costar.As with Ryan Gosling’s “Lost River,” "Come Swim" makes few concessions to accessibility: it’s a star saying they didn’t build up all that leverage or wade through all that paparazzi muck not to earn a license for full-on experimentalism. That would give this film a certain riposte quality — a tacit statement to him, basically, that “no matter how hard I tried, I could never get what I needed.” (Though unlike such famous subtextual song-based battles between exes — Taylor Swift and John Mayer, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake — it’s hard to imagine Pattinson retorting with a short of his own.)Still, just because it came from a place of heartbreak, this film was not, Stewart said, innately a heartbreaking film.“It's ‘I need this bottle of water and every day I’m drying out.’ But it’s also what I finally recognized: ‘I’ve been so crazy and all I need to go outside and it will be better.Not that its director sees the movie as impenetrable.“Dude, it's totally about personal relationships," Stewart said, using one of her go-to sentence-starters. Because if you stay in here, it’s always dark.’”“I wanted,” she added, “for this reconstitution to be glorious.”Was that slightly compromised by the fact that this movie saw a collaboration with St.

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