Katie white and jules de martino dating

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So, to counteract growing older and possibly forgetting his life in a band, De Martino decided to make scrapbooks detailing his life on the road in order to remember those days forever.

The Ting Tings have started work on their third album. The duo are keen to follow their second record, 'Sounds from Nowheresville' up quickly, and are considering having a series of themes, starting with country. The Ting Tings deleted everything they had been working on before moving to Spain to make 'Sounds from Nowheresville'.

The electronic group have noticed a resurgence in dance tracks - including the success of their 2009 comeback album 'Invaders Must Die' - and...

The Ting Tings singer Katie White is worried she has become "addicted to playing live shows".

The Ting Tings made their own synth sounds with their mouths after their keyboards broke while recording their new album.The pair and Taylor hit it off, and he wound up producing the group’s third album . De Martino is a fan of Skrillex While claiming to not be a huge fan of the EDM genre that has taken the world by storm, Jules De Martino has been noted for saying he is a fan of Skrillex.According to the interview, De Martino also was friends with Gotye before he hit it big, and was surprised to hear that his friend had finally broken mainstream after his hit song "Somebody That I Used To Know" began getting airplay. Jules De Martino is worried about his memory De Martino revealed in an interview that he was worried about growing older and not remembering things, due to his grandfather struggling with memory loss and senility before he passed away.We’ve done hundreds of shows in the last year, which takes its toll after a while.” The Salford twosome, who will perform at this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival, have devised a stage show with screens rather than extravagant lighting.Jules explained: “We’re using screens to highlight what we do on stage because there’s only two of us up there.” One of the bonuses of wearing shades is that nobody recognises Jules without them.

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