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His eyes, which off-air are usually flat and unhappy, are alight now with passionate conviction. Z.'s own program; the ones up near the ceiling take muted, closed-caption feeds from Fox News, MSNBC, and what might be C-.To his big desk's upper left is a wall-mounted digital clock that counts down seconds.Z.'s volume always stays in range and never peaks or fades.'Mondo, whose price for letting outside parties hang around Airmix is one large bag of cool-ranch Doritos per evening, is an immense twenty-one-year-old man with a ponytail, stony Mesoamerican features, and the placid, grandmotherly eyes common to giant mammals everywhere.

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Dressed, as is his custom, for golf, and wearing a white-billed cap w/ corporate logo, Mr.

He moved out here to LA over Christmas—alone, towing a U-Haul—and found an apartment not far from KFI's studios, which are in an old part of the Koreatown district, near Wilshire Center.

The John Ziegler Show is the first local, nonsyndicated late-night program that KFI has aired in a long time. Ten o'clock to one qualifies as late at night in southern California, where hardly anything reputable's open after nine.

against licks from Ratt's 1984 metal classic "Round and Round," is "KFI AM-640, Los Angeles—More Stimulating Talk Radio." This is either the eighth or ninth host job that Mr.

Ziegler's had in his talk-radio career, and far and away the biggest.

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