Jeff parsons dating on ruby show

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Since THR has tanked, Parsons said he will no longer have business associates to fete in the clubhouse and so will limit himself to using the golf course.

With Parsons as its president, CEO and sole shareholder, THR set up buying events in hotels throughout the nation, luring customers through newspaper ads, then convincing them to sell coins, jewelry, watches, antiques and anything else of value, especially if it contained gold or silver.

Parsons in January testified that .8 million has been invested in the Athens home, but still it had issues that Buraski Builders, a Springfield company, estimated would cost nearly 0,000 to fix.

The tab to repair a doggie door was 0, repairs to a garage that was home to a feral raccoon would cost ,000 and fixing a two-story indoor fountain that had damaged the home’s interior due to materials that weren’t waterproof would total ,000, according to a February report from Buraski.

Panther Creek Country Club bills incurred by Jeffrey Parsons include a March tab for ,328 and an April bill for ,919.

Parsons last week testified that he is cutting back.

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