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Emotional: The actress took to Twitter to congratulate her co-star and reposted a tweet posted by Neighbours which read 'That moment you realise all the Brennan brothers are engaged in real life...congrats'In one snap uploaded by Scott to social media he cosied up with his now fiance, while Olympia and her boyfriend Greg sat in the front of the picture as they spent time at the Australian Open together.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.Here’s a story you wrote as a college senior: “Not Your Father’s Generation.” Nice piece.But how would the Kevin Van Valkenburg of today – the nearly 34-year-old husband, dad, and award-winning writer – critique it? I’d like to firebomb that piece from the Interwebs.He’d understand why a Kobe Bryant bio was a worthwhile endeavor, as difficult as it might be.It does seem a little fascinating that no one has really attempted to write one, doesn’t it?

I think he’s a wonderful writer, and basketball is in his blood.

His work on the Esquire Politics blog lately has been an absolute joy.

My friend Eli Saslow of the Washington Post could handle it too, in a completely different way. But Herman Cain is so ripe for comedy and commentary, I think I’d stick with Pierce.5.

Ballard is one of the few people I think might recognize the historical importance.

It was so hard to pick just one person for each of those, because I found myself imagining the possibilities for each of them.

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