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What's really disturbing is how many women in the age group I'm searching in (40-54) have pics of not only themselves but other members of their clan or family eg. By the way they are embracing each other, they are probably related nonetheless but.... This is annoying and idiotic in the highest extreme.Why can't they edit them out and then post pics to their profile?

And the pics with other women that men load are just as offputting but for different reasons Every time I see that sort of pic I take the member to task about it. or the person purported to be you in the members profile... Depending on how one interprets 'cybercrime' or 'offensive material' is a matter or opinion, however Australian law clearly defines it, if anyone disagrees, then complain to your local MP..

The ACMA have an online reporting procedure for offensive material classed as 'cybercrime'. If the child is an adult, consent is obtained and the picture is clearly captioned, it's alright.

However, your posts indicate you're annoyed not only by any other person who isn't the member in the photos, but you don't like some other unstated things.

▼ The A-Bomb Dome at night There have been similar types of light presentations at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the past but they have been unrelated to Christmas celebrations.

For example, candles were lit along the path connecting the memorial monument with the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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