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Others find you relaxed, partly because you tend to be less demanding and more agreeable in general.People describe you as casual and easygoing, but only if you feel personally secure in your relationships.The INTJ and ISFJ relationship have some good things going for it.The ISFJ can provide an emotional base for the INTJ who often goes about life avoiding feelings in general whereas the ISFJ can’t help but show theirs.

You thrive on taking action and feel best when you’ve checked things off your to-do list. How you spend downtime ties back to your personality preferences.While our MBTI says a lot about our intrapersonal preferences, Social Style® is another personality assessment that gives insight into our behavior. D., a psychologist and Director of Research and Product Development at Tracom, a social intelligence company, writes that Social Style "is most effective for understanding how others see us and also for understanding how to interact most effectively with others based on their Styles."Both models have been extensively researched and put to practical use for decades. Mulqueen and his team have developed a map of how our MBTI would correspond to four Social Styles quadrants: If you don’t know yours, take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® MBTI Instrument test to find out which Social Style you fall under.Living with the ISFJ might be very easy but when it comes to conversation, these two may speak very different languages.ISFJs do not share the INTJ’s interest in abstract ideas and things that have no direct relevance to their lives.

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