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It is widely believed that the featured member is the user who sends the most noodz to the site admin before midnight.The journals at Vampire Freaks are every bit as inane as those at Live Journal, but with even more Gothic drama applied to even the smallest event.In other words, Vampire Freaks journals are exactly like Dead Journal.

They call them 'random thoughts light.' Correction: The regulars in the Lounge try to be just as hard and asshole-ish as the random thoughts crowd that they strive to be like and admire.

Fact: Nobody on Vampire Freaks has heard of anything more obscure than Shitcock, and thus, they are the most hardcore band in the world.

These forums are dedicated to the fine art of making ugly Goth people even uglier.

There's no point to trolling the chat, as the natural state of its users is one of incoherence and agitation. Vampire Freaks also has Flash chat with webcam and microphone capacity, much to the pleasure of camwhores and those on the hunt for loli.

This is now a primary place where your fellow misunderstood, angsty teenage peers can congregate, chat and bitch about who you think is a fake through audio, video, and text.

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