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The laws will make it easier for homeowners and residents’ groups to register complaints without fear of intimidation.

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All landlords, whether social or private, have powers to take action against tenants who are breaching their tenancy agreement.

During those discussions, Galway West Labour TD Derek Nolan said a couple in their 70s in his constituency had to sell their privately-owned home because they had no mechanism to deal with unruly neighbours.

“The local authority had bought the house next door and their life was made hell by the behaviour of the children, intimidation, car mechanics operating outside the door, the illegal building of sheds against their wall, and all manner of such behaviour,” said Mr Nolan.

Anti-social behaviour, intimidation, or noise from neighbours is a particular problem in areas of mixed housing provision, for example, where local authority houses are increasingly mixed with privately-owned houses or areas near colleges with student accommodation beside family homes.

Up to now, any complaints had to be brought by individuals, who risked being intimidated or threatened for doing so.

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