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[1911 C&P 59; RL 6324; NCL 10008] Every person charged by law with the preparation of any jury list or list of names from which any jury is to be drawn, and every person authorized by law to assist at the drawing of a grand or petit jury to attend a court or to try any cause or issue, who shall: 1.Place in any such list any name at the request or solicitation, direct or indirect, of any person; 2.

[1911 C&P 61; RL 6326; NCL 10010] Every person to whose charge a jury shall be committed by a court or magistrate, who shall knowingly, without leave of such court or magistrate, permit them or any one of them to receive any communication from any person, to make any communication to any person, to obtain or receive any book, paper or refreshment, or to leave the jury room, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

A person who makes, executes or signs or causes to be made, executed or signed, any false or fictitious affidavit, complaint, deposition, or other instrument in writing before any officer or person authorized to administer oaths, for the purpose or with the intent of securing a warrant for the arrest of any other person, or for the purpose of securing a warrant for the searching of the premises, goods, chattels or effects, or of seizing the goods, chattels or effects, or of seizing anything in the possession of any other person, is guilty of perjury which is a category D felony. A person who commits any of the acts or offenses defined or set out in subsection 1 shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

[25; NCL 10526] [25; NCL 10528] — (NRS A 1967, 464; 1979, 1420; 1995, 1174) 1.

Designedly put upon the list of jurors, as having been drawn, any name which was not lawfully drawn for that purpose; 3.

Designedly omit to place upon such list any name which was lawfully drawn; 4.

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