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Most whites will not admit they do not want a black neighbor, but will freely admit their racial preferences in dating, referencing physical attraction and lack of cultural similarities as reasons not to consider dating anyone of another race.

Opposition to interracial unions today is far more subtle that the blatant racist sentiments often expressed in the past.

This belief in a post-racial world grew louder after the election of President Barack Obama, who is biracial.

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While attending law school in England, Ruth met Sir Seretse Khama (then Prince Seretse Khama), the chief of the Bamangwato tribe, who became Botswana's first president in 1966.But in reality, it reflects the continued widespread opposition to and discomfort with interracial couples and multiracial children.On one hand, mixed race celebrities and interracial celebrity couples like Williams and Ohanian are heralded in the media as examples of a world where race, ethnic background, and color no longer matter.(Black woman and white man pairings, such as Williams and Ohanian, are the least common of all race-gender combinations.) Beyond these numbers, societal acceptance of mixed unions is tepid at best.While most Americans support intermarriage in surveys, I have learned through interviews with different ethnic and racial communities across the U. that opposition to racial mixing is very real, especially the idea of it happening within one’s own family.

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