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'Single man, 40s, extremely physically attractive, enjoys risk-taking, WLTM young woman with supermodel looks, fond of international travel and promiscuity, for short-term fling, no strings attached.’ If you read these words on a dating website, would you say this was the profile of an ideal husband?Research findings tell us that what women most desire in a romantic partner are dependability, security and fidelity.

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Forbes' list of the top-earning models of 2016 offers some insight: the original Brazilian bombshell still reigns supreme (Gisele Bündchen held on to her number one spot despite retiring from the runway, and lithe beauties like Karlie Kloss (who doubled her earnings from 2015) continue to nab ad campaigns left and right.‘I remember distinctly going to my father and saying, “Dad, would you mind if I did marry a black woman one day?” His response to me was, “As long as she looks good, I don't care what color she is'" Baker recalled.I prefer observing.' Producers Fizz (part of RDF Television) say the show is a innovative 'social experiment' and by asking the daters to strip off and share a bed in their underwear they are 'accelerating intimacy and exploring the accepted rules of attraction'. Singleton strangers that undress each other on a first date.Mark Procter, acting head of factual entertainment, Discovery Networks International added: 'A dark room. It's a gloriously simple format but an irresistibly watchable show.

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