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The girl also mentioned that she is currently in a relationship and feels sorry for causing misunderstandings.

Nam Woohyun himself announced to fans through Instagram that it wasn’t the case.

As for Nam Woohyun one of his fans sent a private message to the girl he was seen with on Instagram.

The idol-actor, who is now acting in , revealed recently that he now wanted to be known as “Kim Myung Soo” (his birth name), as he wanted to fans to forget his image as an idol while watching the drama.End of this February turned out hot for Woollim Entertainment after not one but two members of popular Korean boy group Infinite were caught in scandals causing fans to worry.Infinite Nam Woohyun and Jang Dongwoo rumored to be dating unknown girls which lead to many speculations online.Idol posted two pictures with captions assuring fans he’s not dating.You’ve probably heard by now, but Kim Myung Soo is coming to Singapore next month for a fan meet. ”, you might know him better as L, a member of Infinite.

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