Impotent men dating biggirlsparadisedating

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Ask him how sex is different at his age than it was at 30 yrs old for him and what he likes to do in bed most now?Maybe that will allow him to open up to you and discuss it.He'll take the lead, and if you have any doubts ask him what he wants you to do. I also had an older boyfriend of more recent date who was about 30 years my senior.He never got real hard but he said the oral sex still felt great to him! Finding out that your significant other is impotent can be scary and devastating for the both of you, but it doesn't have to be.

So yes, he may be impotent, but that is exactly what the viagra would cure, and the fact that he is looking for it means that he is interested in having sex.

And yes since his wife had cancer I figure sex wasn't important during the last couple of year. He realized he would soon be facing not only her DEATH but also living & being alone. Due to work environment & social constraints, most likely discussing his health issues/meds never presented itself.

My main question is this: if this viagra or whatever he is trying to get does not work . I know he desires me and likes to caress and kiss me and liked I mentioned before, when we are together I feel in heaven :d , but I am concern about how is this going to work out if the medicine is not succesful?? She did mention he smoked a lot & it is a fact that this is but one of the causes of ED.

i really need and advised, especially if someone has had a similar experience. Hopefully, he is under an MD's care for cardiac & high blood pressure & lipid levels.

Hopefully, he has a legitimate Rx from a DOCTOR for ED & not from a site on the WWW. You make me feel somehow better :d , you seem to understand exactly what I mean.

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