Imo and ecdis mandating

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It has been observed and reported within last few years that there is a clear need to equip both vessels’ and ashore users responsible for the safety of shipping with modern, proven tools that are optimized for good decision making in order to make maritime navigation and communications more reliable and user friendly.

The core “e-Nav” products are: ECDIS, Electronics Charts, Digital Books and Publications. Software: Except ECDIS software there are also the ENCs related software (for presentation and handling), as well as software for presentation and use of Digital Publications & e Books 3.

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) is the official chart data compiled for ECDIS systems in accordance with SOLAS regulations.

Before the ENCs can be presented in the ECDIS, they must be converted to the system’s own internal format, which creates System Electronic Navigation Charts (SENC).

An ECDIS includes and integrates ENCs (the official Electronic Charts), GPS and Other Nav sensors related to ship’s operation and voyage such as (Gyro, Speedlog, AIS, Radar, Echo, Anemometer, Navtex etc.) The integration is shown on the picture below; we have to add the “connection” to the external world, this is ashore, where under specific conditions and set-up via Sat Coms products and services, the exchange and analysis of information under “E-Navigation” concept can be achieved.

The software patch for fixing the “Time-dependent objects (TDO)” problem in Transas MFD 4000 ECDIS and Transas Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS-I is available to all Transas ECDIS users.Both volumes are encased in a beautiful slipcase for display in your club’s library or foyer, convenient for reference and enjoyment.E-Navigation, as per IMO definition, is the harmonized collection, integration, exchange, presentation and analysis of marine information on board and ashore by electronic means to enhance berth to berth navigation and related services for safety and security at sea and protection of the marine environment.We define this for both Hardware and Software on a “3-LINE/Level” of support.Coming to the Future then, we can see that actually we have been moving the last few years from the “Paper World” to “Digital World”.

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