Images of web cameras private

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But by providing public access to these devices — including CCTV networks in shops and baby monitors — the website is exposing their intimate moments.

Depending on the size and to what degree the area can be viewed from outside the perimeter one or more cameras are installed.

Whether you want to use your webcam to stream your own TV show, vlog, or live feed of your cat, here are a few easy ways to turn your webcam into a high quality live stream.

The Government Flying Service has made available 31 short air tour videos of various locations around Hong Kong and these can be viewed here; Kong Tourism Board has several videos available on its Discover Hong Kong website News Channel; Hong Kong live 24 hours a day through the Transport Department's webcams.

Whether using internet on your laptop or your mobile phone, you can easily make sure if everything is still fine at your home or holiday apartment.

First of all, it needs to be clarified which areas are to be monitored.

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