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Because I wasn’t aware of the rules of Croatian small talk. This taught me that every culture ‘talks’ differently.

And that to really become part of a place, I should learn the ropes of small talk.

Basically, if you know how to engage in everyday small talk, you feel accepted: you belong. I enjoy reading, playing the piano and flute, drawing and listening to music. Haha Hi Im glad you found me and made your way to 7 Cups of tea :) Im here if you need help with LGBT, suicide or self harm, or even if you just want to talk about whats going on in life.Many tourists feel sad for not being able to make friends in Zagreb.Time might be too short and my guess is you’re not YET proficient in Croatian small talk. The structure of storytelling Think of small talk as a story. They’ll sit for hours in a coffee shop and talk about different things with no particular conclusion.

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