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At the moment it would appear the only way to run a Steam Pipe srcds is under Windows or wine under Linux, which has its own set of problems.

But hey, that's better than not being able to run anything, right? The new dedicated server instructions have been updated for using the new Steam CMD for Steampipe. The "Official HL2CTF 2.1" Linux server has been taken down as currently there is no App ID for a Linux dedicated and only the WIndows dedicated is supported as App ID 205.

But it's all model work first which is quite time-consuming atleast for me.

There's a volunteer that suggested his help with modelling, I'll credit him and show the WIPs on Twitter or next article when time comes and if he actually delivers.

(LAN/Hamachi) Well, I went through the whole process without going crazy as some info one can find on the Internet, like deleting everything in your Steam folder (that's crazy and unnecssary), and the result is nothing but "STEAM validation rejected" every time I run the game.

I really want to build plenty of such short scenarios to play, but I don't have the whole framework implemtened for that yet.

If you want to help with weapon modelling work - contact me.

Because of how many ideas I have at bay apart from new weapons, most likely next update may have alittle bit of both: more new gameplay and a couple of weapons.

Tools and right-click on the "Source SDK Base 2006" and set it to "Never Update" 2) Uninstall the 2006 SDK and shut down Steam.

3) Extract the old 2006 SDK GCF files into /steamapps and restart Steam. I retained: base source engine 2source source source sdk source Those all together are around 2.9Gb (RAR'd 1.2Gb) and nobody would seem to be very forward with just linking an archive of the GCF files, so the only way to remedy this is to find someone who has the 2006 SDK who has not allowed it to update to Steampipe and has all of the Source SDK GCF files then link you to the archive so you can extract them to your /steamapps folder.

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