Gridview rowupdating cancel event

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Here I am writing this article to explain how to enable in-place editing with validation control in a Grid View in ASP. I love developing applications in Microsoft Technologies including Asp.If i hit cancel the Grid changes modes and i see the new values.Usually the gridview returns to readonly after update's.In this post, I am going to explain how to enable in-place editing with validation control in a Grid View in ASP. Net webforms, mvc, winforms,, sql server, entity framework, Ajax, Jquery, web api, web service and more.

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There is no control in the Grid View that you posted used for "Updating". I tried to delete and create the gridview over and over to see if there are any errors I made. From Command Field to Buttons "Edit","Update","Delete" with matching Command Name's.

The checkbox works and passes the correct true/false value to the datasource but will not bind after update When I Make it readonly and remove that value from my Stored Procedure the Gridview control works normal. Usually when you have a Gridview than can be edited you click the edit button and all the editable fields become Textboxes and the Checkbox is Enabled.

I change the values and click update but the gridview stays in Edit mode instead of canging back to Readonly and displaying the new results.

In the same way you can put any kind of Validation controls inside Edit Item Template to validate the form element while user will click Update link.

For Page Name and Page Description field I want them to appear in the Text Box in edit view, so I have specified text property of Text Box as the field value in Edit Item Template and for Active field, I want it to appear as the Drop Down List so I have specified the Selected Value property as the value of the Active field.

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