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When you’ve worked together in the trenches for so long, you look back and realize that your co-workers have become more like family. And it is with that spirit of fondness that I look back at the more personal memories I’ve shared with my Y&R co-workers over the past seven years.These first few photos were taken at Chrissie’s good-bye party in 2007.Here’s my FAVORITE coffee place at the farmer’s market — Short Order. Ask for the Spice Latte; it’s seasonal but they’ll make it even when it’s not on the menu and it’s my favorite. It’s right off the sound stages and the crew goes out there on five’s (our five minute breaks once an hour). Sometimes I’ll bring down scripts and a stop watch to time shows way down the other end of the balcony. Check back tomorrow for one final Y&R recap — and it’s a big one.

This is especially appropriate to share because tomorrow I turn 29.While there are shows that people talk about at work the next day—Mad Men, Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Veep, among them—few cluster excitedly about The Young and The Restless, or at least few own up to watching the 42-year-old soap opera.And so we 5.16 million viewers (Y&R is celebrating its biggest audience numbers since 2010) like to hold the show dear as something of a bespoke, private passion.While we’re on the topic of treats, here is an impressive dessert spread that our Billy & Victoria fans set in to support their favorite couple.Over the years the fans have sent in some huge and delicious cakes — for Mel’s birthday, Amelia’s birthday, Joshua’s birthday… This is what my desk looks like around lunch time on any given day. It’s been a treat to work so close to the Grove, a large outdoor shopping mall.

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