Greeks dating system

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Because of these factors, Greek organizations may at times reduce student innovation and creativity.

From my observation, fraternities and, to a lesser extent, sororities impose a kind of conformity that stifles growth and creates anxiety about being different or not going along with accepted mores.

According to a 2014 Bloomberg editorial: Although a majority of college students drink, abusive drinking is far more prevalent in fraternities.As a whole, they are more homogenous than the overall college student population. (Study time is the inclusive term for class preparation, homework, paper writing, and exam study.) For some students, fraternities and sororities become extremely time-consuming and replace a focus on academics or other activities.The Greek system often encourages a kind of sectarianism in which membership in the fraternity or sorority takes place over commitment to the larger community.In addition to the roughly 260 who said it should be abolished, dozens of others called on the college to increase regulation or to require all houses to go coed." A front page editorial in the Oct. It is an investment (perhaps a risky one), a path to acceptance, friends, sex, drugs, love and jobs. No, Greek life is not the root of all the College's problems or of broader societal ills. We do not seek to discredit the positive experiences that many have within Greek spaces.17, 2014 Dartmouth Student Newspaper called for abolishing the Greek system: Let's do what needs to be done, the only action in line with our principles of community, and abolish the Greek system. Since so many students' lives seemingly depend on the system, it's no wonder that administrators have failed to abolish it, despite the numerous accounts of hazing and abuse that have been documented over the years. But as a system, it amplifies students' worst behavior. It perpetuates unequal, gendered power dynamics and institutionalizes arbitrary exclusivity. But we cannot let emotional arguments cloud what is objectively best for our school and its students.

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