Grasshopper and dating someone

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Why do people feel on the internet they have to 'delete there profile/take it off'just dont go to the website anymore.Also i think its ok for you to stay on dating sites while you have a partner, but say if you got engaged or something like that, you should probably avoid that side of the internet from now on. If you ask a straight question, most often you will geta straight answer.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I actually see no need to delete your profile ever, thats what the hide profile option is for in my opinion.

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Scroll down for video Curators have discovered a small grasshopper embedded in the paint of Van Gogh's Olive Trees.but as an ant we would all have to go to war with the other colony's, oh ...we do already..those grasshoppers are peaceful sort of beings..a bunch of ravenous airborne vegans. They just seem to be anti-establishment and potentially subversive troublemakers. hear what you're saying, but I believe it's because telling kids a story is more interactive, less lecturing in style, adds entertainment value to the life coaching thing parents do with kids..because it has been proven that story telling is one of the most effective, and memorable, ways to teach a concept. If you give some sort of relevant context to an idea you wish to share, it's easier to make new information part of someone else's current understanding. Student feedback always says it's those stories that they find the most helpful and enjoyable...Although they could have a point about loosening up a bit and enjoying life. and that they still remember when I run into them in subsequent years.I guess I am opening myself up here but it just seems dumb to wonder about this. WHEN YOU ARE DATING SOMEONE, WHY NOT CHANGE YOUR PROFILE TO "FRIENDS", AND STILL STAY ON THE SITE , SO THAT IF THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NEW PERSON DOESNT WORK, YOU STILL HAV A COUPLE OF FRIENDS TO FALL BAC ON AND SOMETHING MIGHT EVENTUATE FROM THAT. I'm afraid tho if the person I was dating asked me to take pics so they could go on another dating site..I'd be saying "go to h*ll" he's obviously still looking and nolamichelle u deserve so much better..

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