Gemini dating a gemini

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For Geminis, careers that provide opportunities to come up with fresh ideas and innovations are an ideal choice.Excellent career choices for those who exhibit typical Gemini traits include: Gemini traits often lead to success in careers that require strong communication skills.No matter which career field Geminis choose, it's essential that the job be one that keeps them busy, engaged, and provides opportunities to communicate.

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The typical chart-dominant Gemini will display many of the following characteristics. The air element that governs Gemini feeds upon intellectual stimulation. Geminis love to learn, and they also love to share what they have learned with others.

Gemini personalities love to be informed about all that is going on at the work place; they will look to their co-workers for input and advice.

In spite of their insistence on being in the limelight, Geminis are great team players.

The energy in air is locked in the intellect and "head knowledge," so emotional responses are not always recognized, even by the Gemini himself or herself. However these are often cast aside in favor of more logical and tangible pursuits. They often look at "how I should feel" above "how I actually feel." This causes them to get involved in relationships they are not ready for, and those for which they are poorly matched.

Also, because she or he is ever-chasing new pursuits, it is very difficult for a Gemini to accept commitment.

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